Level 4 & 5 - Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management

Mode of Study


Program Duration

2 Years / 24 Months


240 Credits



Embark on a global educational adventure with our unique Credit Transfer Program, offering students the opportunity to start their academic journey in the vibrant city of Dubai and seamlessly transition to the picturesque landscapes of Australia for the second year of study. This program is designed to provide a well-rounded and culturally enriching experience while maintaining the academic rigor and international standards.

Course Overview

Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management from ASTI will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and attributes to become an effective and ethical manager. This program will prepare you for a high-flying career with the world’s most prestigious hospitality brands. Also, this course will give you the skills to manage people, businesses, and operations in international hotels and world-class hospitality companies.

During your year of study, you will also learn to assess your own self-development and develop your team leadership and presentation skills. You can access a range of industry engagement opportunities, industry-led workshops, and fieldwork visits to travel-related exhibitions and destinations. Such opportunities help you develop critical insights into the industry.

Course Objective

Our tourism and hospitality courses combine practical experience with academic understanding to help you succeed in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. This course captures the key trends that transform the industry today, from a greater emphasis on sustainability and responsible management to social equity and investing in digital innovations to encourage entrepreneurship.

This is the right course for you if you want to focus more on tourism and less on the business side of things - although there are plenty of opportunities to develop your managerial skills. Throughout the course, we’ll show you how to apply your knowledge, and you can put it into practice with optional work experience.

Program Modules

S.no Unit Title Credits
1 Sustainability in Tourism and Hospitality Management 30 Credits
2 Operations Management in Tourism and Resort Operations 30 Credits
3 Management of Visitor Attractions 30 Credits
4 Employability and Development in the HospitalityIndustry 30 Credits
5 Tourism Destination Management 30 Credits
6 Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality Management 30 Credits
7 Cultural Tourism Management 30 Credits
8 Research Project 30 Credits
TOTAL 240 Credits

Program Specification

Qualification Title Qualification Level Accreditation status Credit Equivalence Recognition
Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management UK Level 5 Accredited 240 Credits Globally Recognized

Learning outcomes

Managing Guest Experience in Hospitality

Professionals in hospitality coordination serve as the vital connection between hotels, resorts, and other establishments in the hospitality industry and their esteemed guests. Their primary duty is to ensure that each guest enjoys a delightful experience throughout their stay at the property.

Hospitality Services Manager

As the Hospitality Services Manager, you serve as the primary liaison for guests, offering support and guidance throughout their visit. Your role involves warmly welcoming guests and ensuring their satisfaction during their stay.

Hospitality Manager - Food and Beverage

A Hospitality Manager specializing in food and beverage oversees the forecasting, planning, and management of food and beverage ordering processes. Additionally, they are responsible for overseeing the financial aspects of procuring food and beverages for the hotel's premises.

Managing Customer Service Operations

In the role of a customer service manager, also known as a client service manager, the primary responsibility revolves around ensuring the satisfaction of a company's clientele.

Why Choose ASTI for Level 4 & 5 Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management at ASTI Dubai?

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our program offers a well-versed curriculum that covers all essential aspects of hospitality and tourism management. From hotel operations and customer service to financial management and marketing.

Experienced Faculty

Learn from industry experts with years of experience in hospitality and tourism. Our faculty members bring real-world insights and practical knowledge to the classroom, ensuring that you receive the best possible education.

Practical Training

Gain hands-on experience through internships, industry projects, and practical assignments. Our program emphasizes real-world application, allowing you to develop the skills employers are looking for and making you job-ready upon graduation.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Study in a modern, well-equipped campus that provides a conducive learning environment. Our facilities include advanced training labs, simulation centers, and access to the latest industry technology and tools.

Strong Industry Connections

Benefit from our extensive network of industry partners and alumni. ASTI Dubai has strong connections with leading hospitality and tourism organizations, providing you with valuable networking opportunities and potential job placements.

Career Support and Guidance

Receive dedicated career support and guidance throughout your studies. Our career services team offers resume writing workshops, interview preparation, and job placement assistance to help you launch a successful career in hospitality and tourism.

Our Accreditations & Recognitions

ASTI Academy offers government-approved vocational educational certification programs in Dubai and is recognized and accredited by the Government of Dubai, KHDA, TVET, Ofqual, and other international educational legal authorities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Level 4 & 5 Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management?

The Level 4 & 5 Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management is a comprehensive program designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the hospitality and tourism industry. The diploma covers key areas such as management, marketing, and customer service.

Who is this diploma suitable for?

This diploma is suitable for individuals looking to start or advance their careers in the hospitality and tourism sector. It is ideal for recent high school graduates, current hospitality professionals seeking career advancement, and individuals looking to change careers.

What are the entry requirements for the diploma?

Applicants should have a high school diploma or equivalent qualification. Proficiency in English is also required, as the course is delivered in English. Relevant work experience in the hospitality and tourism industry is beneficial but not mandatory.

How long does it take to complete the diploma?

The duration of the Level 4 & 5 Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management is typically 24 months. This includes coursework, practical assignments, and exams.

What subjects are covered in the diploma program?

The program covers a wide range of subjects including hospitality operations, tourism management, marketing and promotions, customer service excellence, financial management, and human resource management in the hospitality industry.

Are there any practical components in the course?

Yes, the diploma program includes practical components such as internships, hands-on training sessions, and industry projects. These practical experiences are designed to provide students with real-world skills and insights into the hospitality and tourism industry.

What career opportunities are available after completing this diploma?

Graduates of the Level 4 & 5 Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management can pursue various career paths, including hotel management, event planning, travel consultancy, tourism management, and hospitality entrepreneurship. The diploma also provides a solid foundation for further studies in hospitality and tourism management.

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