Level 4 & 5 Diploma In Accounting & Business

Mode of Study


Program Duration

2 Years / 24 Months


240 Credits



The ASTI, UAE Level 5 Diploma in Accounting and Business Programs has been designed to prepare you for an international workplace by teaching you how to receive, analyze, and convey accounting and other information. Acquiring a distinct collection of accounting and managerial abilities to assess and scrutinize the organization and sectoral patterns will provide you a better comprehension of how monetary matters impact businesses. Financial accounting, managerial accounting, corporate finance, company strategy, and other subjects are all covered in our accounting and business courses.

With a business and accounting diploma from ASTI Dubai, United Arab Emirates, you will be prepared to handle financial and other information in a worldwide workplace by learning how to receive, interpret, and express it. There is a dearth of graduate personnel with training and experience in both accounting and business management in this rapidly evolving company environment. Working in multidisciplinary business teams that tackle actual business problems in fields as varied as management consulting, company development, innovation, accounting, public finance, and entrepreneurship would suit you well.

Course Overview

ASTI Level 5 diploma in accounting and business courses, you can gain an extensive knowledge of business management and accounting, including marketing, financial management, entrepreneurship, strategic planning, company legislation, and the global business environment. Acquire practical expertise with industry-standard accounting and software packages and gain key transferable skills like numerical analytical procedures.

Our courses will provide you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed, whether you are just starting out in your profession or looking to improve your current ones. Our instructors are seasoned experts with practical business and accounting knowledge. They will provide you the real-world knowledge and experience you need to apply what you learn in the classroom to circumstances that arise in the real world.

Course Objective

An extensive professional understanding of a business's finances and operations is the goal of this program. In addition to gaining specific knowledge and abilities in financial and management accounting, this degree will help you acquire an interdisciplinary view on the administration of commercial organizations. With the information and abilities you'll need to thrive in the financial and business industries, our accounting courses are made for you.

Program Modules

S.no Unit Title Credits
1 The Accountant’s Environment 20 Credits
2 Quantitative Methods 20 Credits
3 Financial Accounting 20 Credits
4 Management Accounting 20 Credits
5 Management Concepts and Practice 20 Credits
6 Business Economics 20 Credits
7 Financial Management 20 Credits
8 Financial Planning and Control 20 Credits
9 Financial Reporting 20 Credits
10 Taxation Principles and Practices 20 Credits
11 People Management 20 Credits
12 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility 20 Credits
TOTAL 240 Credits

Program Specification

ASTI's Level 5 Accounting and Business Diploma curriculum is designed to give students the information and abilities needed for a middle or senior managing role in an organization, where they may be responsible for risk, investment, and financial management. The ability to manage, plan, and account for money remains the ultimate test of company success and the primary engine of growth in all sectors, from manufacturing to banking and from large service industries to small firms. You'll have the know-how to put accounting principles and procedures to use in the professional setting.

Qualification Title Qualification Level Accreditation status Credit Equivalence Recognition
Diploma In Accounting & Business UK Level 5 Accredited 240 Credits Globally Recognized

Learning outcomes

Accounting & Business Career Pathways

Employers respect the skills and knowledge you will gain from this degree greatly for work in management and business, and they will enable you to pursue a variety of career options. Possibilities in many other fields can arise from a business and accounting degree. Numerous commercial fields, including banking, insurance, financial services, and general management, are open to you.

Business Manager

Business managers are in charge of all administrative and clerical employees as well as all organizational functions. Typically, this covers spending plans, budgets, supplies, and equipment. Leading and supervising all aspects of the business's operations is within the purview of a business manager.

Internal auditor

An internal auditor (IA) is a skilled individual whose job it is to conduct unbiased, independent assessments of a business's operational and financial operations. They work to make sure businesses run smoothly and adhere to the right protocols.

Tax Consultant / Tax Advisor

A tax consultant offers guidance and assistance on a range of tax matters to people, companies, and organizations. Typical tasks include researching tax legislation, preparing and filing tax forms, offering tax planning advice, and defending clients in court when dealing with the tax authorities.

Account Manager

The responsibility of ensuring that every department satisfies the demands of its clients and customers falls on the account manager. They respond to client concerns, resolve their problems, and uphold a favorable rapport that will benefit both sides in future business dealings.

Why Choose ASTI for Diploma In Accounting & Business?

Expand Your Global Opportunities

Diploma in Accounting & business is recognized both locally and internationally, ensuring that your credentials are respected wherever your career takes you.

Learn from the Best

Our instructors are experienced professionals with years of practical experience in the field of accounting and business.

Stay Ahead with Industry-Relevant Skills

The curriculum for the Online diploma in accounting & business is designed to meet the needs of today's dynamic educational environments.

Balance Your Studies with Work

Understanding the busy schedules of our students, a flexible online learning options for the Diploma in accounting and business program.

Bridge Technical and Vocational Practice

These connections not only enhance your learning experience but also increase your employment prospects post-graduation.

Thrive in a Hub of Educational Innovation

Studying in Dubai, a bustling metropolis known for its cutting-edge educational practices and multicultural environment, provides an added advantage.

Our Accreditations & Recognitions

ASTI Academy offers government-approved vocational educational certification programs in Dubai and is recognized and accredited by the Government of Dubai, KHDA, TVET, Ofqual, and other international educational legal authorities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which accounting certification is best in the UAE?

The diploma in accounting and business is widely recognized as one of the best accounting certifications in the UAE. With its global reputation and comprehensive curriculum, which equips professionals with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the field of accounting.

What is the entry requirement for a diploma in accounting?

The entry requirements for a Diploma in Accounting typically include a high school diploma or equivalent UK Level 3 qualification. Some programs may also require basic math skills and proficiency in English. At ASTI Academy, we welcome students from diverse educational backgrounds and provide support to help them succeed in their studies with Level 4 & Level 5 online diplomas.

Which diploma is best for an accountant?

The Diploma in Accounting & Business offered by ASTI Academy is highly regarded for aspiring accountants. This comprehensive program covers essential accounting principles, financial management, taxation, and business practices, providing thorough basics for a successful career in accounting.

What level is a diploma in accounting and business?

The Diploma in Accounting & Business offered by ASTI Academy is typically classified as a Level 4 or Level 5 qualification, the duration of the program up to 6 to 9 months with TVET and KHDA Accreditation. These levels correspond to the complexity and depth of knowledge required, ensuring that graduates are well- prepared for professional roles in accounting and business.

What will you learn from ASTI’s Accounting & Business diploma Course?

ASTI’s Accounting & Business diploma course covers a wide range of topics, including financial accounting, management accounting, business law, taxation, and financial management. Students will gain practical skills in financial analysis, budgeting, and reporting, preparing them for entry-level accounting positions or further studies in the field.

Who can join ASTI’s Accounting & Business diploma Course?

The Accounting & Business diploma course at ASTI Academy is open to individuals from all educational backgrounds who are passionate about pursuing a career in accounting or related fields. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or a working professional seeking to enhance your skills, this program is designed to accommodate your needs and goals. Also this program helps working professionals to complete the course without taking a career break.

What are 4 reasons to study accounting?

Booming Career Opportunities

Accounting offers a wide range of career paths, from public accounting firms to corporate finance departments, providing stability and competitive salaries.

Global Relevance

Accounting principles are universal, making it a valuable skill set that transcends borders and industries, offering opportunities for international careers.

Key Business Insights

Understanding financial statements and performance metrics empowers individuals to make informed business decisions, driving growth and profitability.

Continuous Learning and Growth

Accounting is a dynamic field that constantly evolves with changing regulations and technologies, offering ample opportunities for professional development and advancement.

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