Al Shabaka Technical Institute can assist international students in obtaining Student visas to allow them reside in UAE
within the duration of their studies.
It is mandatory for all students to have a valid Student visa if he/she is not a bonafide residence visa holder.
The visa processing will only take place if once the applicant has paid six(6) months minimum course/programme fees
and by submitting necessary registration documents (hard or electronic copy) and an Acceptance Letter has been issued
by the Institute


Please be aware that the duration for the visa processing depends on day where the necessary documents and payment
has been received. The processing normally takes between 20-30 UAE working days.
Once the processing is complete and approved, an electronic visa (e-visa) will be sent to the applicant via mail. It is
advisable to book for your departure after successfully receiving your e-visa.


The following must be submitted to our Admission department or in order to apply for a
1. Accomplished Visa Application Form
2. Accomplished Emirates ID Form
3. Signed Agreement, Terms and Conditions Form
4. A copy of passport identification page (the page with your picture, passport number, etc.)
5. A copy of receipts, deposit slips
6. Three (3) colored passport size ID picture (3.5 cm. X 4.5 cm) with white background (taken within the last 6
7. Scanned copy of relevant certifications and qualifications.
Once arrived in UAE and visa got stamped, it will be valid for 12 months. Student must exit UAE before the visa
expiration date. Also, upon arrival, student is required to complete all the necessary formalities such as medical
examination and Emirate’s ID application. Renewal could be done if the student wish to extend his/her studies in the
institute by submitting the same requirements.


Below fees are quoted in US Dollars. Visa cost is set by the UAE Government Services Office and is subject to change.
Visa Cost (including service charge, health insurance and other admin fees): $1,900
Visa Deposit (Refundable): $1,400
Please note that:
1. Visa cost is non-refundable
2. Visa deposit will be reimbursed to students at the end of the course
3. Total cost excludes course registration fee
4. The Institute and the Immigration Authorities has the full discretion of visa approval.