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Level 5
240 Credits
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ASTI Dubai offers this Landscape Technology Course with the approval of Govt.of Dubai & KHDA along with TVET,NQA & QAD. Landscape Technology Course certification is designed to prepare learners fora high paying career in the landscape industry.This course is practical & skill oriented which makes the student very acceptable to the landscape industry.






Accredited by KHDA,TVET & QAD
Number of Credit Hours
Upon successful completion of the course the student will have completed at least 15 units and 144 credits.
Study Mode
Full-Time / Part-Time
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Intended Learning outcomes:

After completing the course, the student will be able to:
  • Demonstrate understanding of preparing site plans, specifications, and cost estimates.
  • Identify how to seek new work through marketing or by giving presentations
  • Understand how to inspect landscape work to ensure that it adheres to original plans
  • Prepare graphic representations of proposed plans
  • Identify how to coordinate the arrangement of existing and proposed land features and structures
  • Identify sunlight, moisture, and soil requirements for specific plants.
  • Understand the typical functions of residential and commercial landscapes.
  • Describe the components of soil and the environmental factors that affect plant growth.
  • Outline reasons for the growing interest and demand in sustainable landscapes.
The Landscape Technology Course is made up of 144 credits and be completed over a  six months time, this qualification is usually studied full-time/part-time over two years.

The award is made up of 15 units: Mandatory core units are:

Workshop and General Safety

  • ULO1 – Ability to select appropriate tool and process for the required application
  • ULO2 – Ability to understand basic operation in manufacturing and production
  • ULO3 - Ability to maintain a safety procedure and use safety tools and equipment in engineering practice.

Technical drawings with Engineering Graphics

  • ULO1 - Use an appropriate tools to develop technical drawings.
  • ULO2 - Ability to understand and interpret technical drawings.
  • ULO3 - Ability to provide the required information in technical drawing according to process and operation.

IT Application for Engineers

  • ULO1 - Ability to create, select or apply appropriate software tool to improve the performance
  • ULO2 - Develop documents and report preparation skills for various engineering activities such as approval, quotation, design, and estimation.
  • ULO3 - Ability to performance analytical calculation, synthesis and interpret the data.

Construction Material, Method and Techniques

  • ULO1 - Ability to understand the type of behavior and properties of various construction material
  • ULO2 - Ability to apply construction method based on application suitability.
  • ULO3 - Ability to apply construction techniques in various constructions includes excavations, foundation, framing, and structures.

Practical application of civil constructions

  • ULO1 - Ability to perform construction operation for the appropriate construction process.
  • ULO2 - Ability to carry out field marking and leveling.
  • ULO3 - Ability to perform health and safety practices in the construction site.

Applied Mathematics for civil engineering

  • ULO1 – Ability to solve algebraic manipulations and mathematical functions in the solution of engineering problems.
  • ULO2 - Ability to solve analytical geometry problem in the construction
  • ULO3 - Ability to apply trigonometry methods and Use ordinary differential equations to model and solve engineering problems
  • ULO4 - Apply mathematical software to the solution of engineering mathematics problems.

Site survey and Practice

  • ULO1 - Ability to Identify & describe the common rock types, their mode of formation and uses within construction
  • ULO2 - Ability to Identify the primary design parameters for soils
  • ULO3 - Ability to Relate the results from common soil tests to engineering design work
  • ULO4 – Ability to design a foundation based on soil properties.

Civil structural Analysis & Design

  • ULO1 - Analyze equilibrium and compatibility in relation to structures
  • ULO2 - Analyze stresses and strains, loads and deformations in building structures
  • ULO3 - Determine compound and complex forces in civil engineering structures

Hydraulics in civil engineering

  • ULO1 - Ability to select and locate need of measurement in fluid flow.
  • ULO2 - Ability to measure pressure, velocity, discharge, and flow of fluid in pipes.
  • ULO3 - Ability to perform pump selection and understand the various components of the pump.

Civil Blueprint Reading and estimation

  • ULO1 - Ability to understand title block, scale, line, symbols and bill of quantity.
  • ULO2 - Ability to gather building information from the blueprint.
  • ULO3 - Ability to read the plan, elevation, section and details drawing in the blueprint.


  • ULO1 - Identify a research question, problem or hypothesis and establish aims and objectives to support the investigation.
  • ULO2 - Communicate the planned project work using standard methods and tools.
  • ULO3 - Develop a research and data collection strategy appropriate to the research question / problem posed.

Construction, Equipment and Methods

  • ULO1 - Ability to understand the working of equipment, component, and system.
  • ULO2 - Ability to select equipment based on construction needs.
  • ULO3 – Ability to handle material and perform the erection process.
  • ULO4 - Ability to perform safety operations working with heavy equipment.

Civil 2D & 3D CAD Design

  • ULO1 - Ability to develop technical drawings with plan, elevation, section and joinery details.
  • ULO2 - Ability to develop 3D model for residential and commercial buildings.
  • ULO3 – Ability to create frame, truss and arch.

Control Systems and Industrial Automation

  • ULO1 - Understand the analysis of the linear continuous-time system.
  • ULO2 – To Explain the role or sensors and actuators in control systems
  • ULO3 – To Demonstrate understanding of State-space control design and analysis of feedback control systems

Environmental impact of construction

  • ULO1 - Ability to Understand the importance of hydrological influences for civil engineering projects
  • ULO2 - Ability to Identify quality control methods for water supply and discharge
  • ULO3 – Ability to Understand water & wastewater treatment processes

MEP for Civil Engineering

  • ULO1 - Ability to understand the need for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems in civil construction buildings.
  • ULO2 - Ability to develop HVAC, electrical and plumping system for a civil building.
  • ULO3 – Ability to synthesis building information from the 3D model.

Electrical lighting and acoustic for building service engineering

  • ULO1 - Ability to understand basics electronic and electronic system, lighting and acoustics system.
  • ULO2 - Ability to develop lighting and acoustic design for civil building requirements.
  • ULO3 - Ability to perform electrical service and maintenance operation for civil building.

Facades material, components

  • ULO1 - Ability to understand fundamental principles that underpin the performance of facades.
  • ULO2 - Ability to select materials and components for civil building interior environment requirements.
  • ULO3 - Ability to design and implement aluminum, glass and structural adhesives based on principle, compatibility and durability issues

Repair and Rehabilitation of Buildings

  • ULO1 - Ability to develop assessment of distressed structure, maintenance and repair strategies
  • ULO2 - Ability to select appropriate repair and protection techniques for civil construction
  • ULO3 - Ability to perform repair and rehabilitation of structures

Project Planning and scheduling in construction

  • ULO1 - Ability to Apply management techniques used in the construction and built environment sector
  • ULO2 - Ability to Understand the construction and built environment sector in terms of structures and activities
  • ULO3 - Ability to Produce a risk assessment in design and construction

Heat ventilation and air conditioning system for building

  • ULO1 - Ability to understand the electrical and electronic connections in the HVAC system.
  • ULO2 - Ability to understand the working process and various components in the HVAC system.
  • ULO3 - Ability to design and install an HVAC system.

Design of light weight structures for construction and building environments

  • ULO1 – understand the need and application of light weigh structures in civil construction
  • ULO2 - Ability to design light gauge steel structures.
  • ULO3 - Ability to develop a proper mix of lightweight concrete

Construction productivity and cost management

  • ULO1 - Ability to understand productivity-related characteristics.
  • ULO2 - Ability to measure the productivity of construction projects.
  • ULO3 - Ability to perform cost management to maximize performance.

BIM and Construction Management

  • ULO1 - Ability to develop a construction building model.
  • ULO2 - Ability to the synthesis building information for the construction model.
  • ULO3 - Ability to perform cost estimation.

Instructors are certified, highly skilled and experienced practitioners who bring their knowledge and work experience to the classroom. The course outcome is career-oriented. The curriculum was developed to meet the needs of the current marketplace.


The course is over 80% practical, hands-on training. Emphasis is placed on practical training and the application of the knowledge taught Modern, fully equipped labs. You learn using the same equipment you will encounter in the field. Convenient class schedules. Classes are offered on a part-time basis, which allows working individuals to balance their work and educational needs. More importantly, the certification of the course is given by KHDA (Knowledge of Human Development Authority), Govt. of Dubai.

The following criteria must be met in order to secure admission to ASTI Dubai :

  • A minimum of 2 years of industrial experience or relevant professional experience.

ASTI Dubai hasn’t released tuition-fee for Landscape Technology Course for the year 2020. Please use the inquiry form to get current tution fee & registration details.



Scholarships covering 20 % of tuition fees are provided to students.

A limited number of scholarships are available for students with outstanding academic performance and personal qualities. These scholarships are very highly competitive.This facility is only available to students who applies for the scholarship & do the due process. For more information, please contact the admissions team at or T: +971 4280 9955

Please download the application form at Complete and return it to ASTI DUBAI with relevant qualification documents, one suitable reference and a copy of your passport via email and attached scanned document copies at or, by post to ASTI Dubai,Building 29, 5th Street, Al Qusais-2, Dubai, U.A.E  

Admission & Study Location:

ASTI Dubai, Al Qusais Campus