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Automotive Diagnostics

Learn new skills, explore your interests or move your career forward with our On-demand online automotive diagnostics course.

The Automotive Diagnostics Course is suitable for graduates in engineering, physics, or mathematics, and will prepare you for a career in this exciting field, from engine design to hybrid and electric vehicles, chassis braking operations, and much more. This online course from ASTI DWC has been developed to provide the industry with high-caliber engineers that are equipped with the necessary skills to advance vehicle technology to meet the demands of the future.

The automotive diagnostics course is a computer diagnostic of any vehicle malfunction that scans your car’s components and systems to check for issues with components like the engine, transmission, oil tank, throttle, and many more. This industry-led education makes ASTI professionals some of the most desirable in the world for automotive companies to recruit.

Advanced automotive diagnostics is an exciting area of auto manufacturing because it offers a variety of benefits. Diagnostic tests are able to reveal issues within an engine, exhaust system, brakes, transmission, and other primary components. You will learn a basic understanding of all the Vehicle sensors and Actuators under various vehicle operations. Students will be able to use the diagnostic OBD-II tool, to identify and diagnose the faults in the vehicle module communication.

Course Title
Automotive Diagnostics Course
Course Type
Professional Certification Course
Accreditation status
Internationally Recognized

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➡️Students/Learners with Age 18 & Above.
➡️Highschool qualifications (O Level  / A levels/ 12th)
➡️English Language Proficiency
➡️Also, refer to the RPL guide to know more about exemptions (for working professionals only).

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