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Do you have a passion for state-of-the-art vehicles, racing cars, and giant automobile? Do you dream of becoming a part of Formula 1 development team? As the next generation hybrid cars are taking the road, electronic technology is indulging in the field, and people are dreaming about flying cars, the future of Automobile Engineers is quite intriguing. They are standing at the gateway of innovations for self-driving vehicles. Keeping all the progress in mind, ASTI has designed a comprehensive Automobile Engineering Program for the professionals working in Dubai. We are offering international level of education to make you prosper in your field.


The demand of automobile engineers is quite high in the UAE. We believe in making the genius show their expertise and prepare our students to cope with future technical exigencies. We utilize pioneering strategies to teach automotive mechatronic systems and problem-solving skills in general and vehicle safety system. You can become a leading asset for both manufacturing settings and automotive designs by joining our institute.

Why Choose ASTI

  • Our course is designed to meet the requirements of the global automotive industry.
  • We develop the skills that will help to take a leading role in contemporary engineering methods.
  • Our instructors use a practical approach to explain automotive engineering designs and experimental and computational tools.

The Outcomes Will Make Your Prosper

Within this program, our instructors teach the in-depth knowledge and technological basics of the conception, designing, and the development of commercial vehicles and passenger cars. This course is comprised of practical vehicle design about manufacturing, legislative, and market requirements.

Course Content

Module will cover

  • ICE, transmission, electric machines and vehicle’s main powertrain domains
  • Electrically, chemically, and hydraulically maintained energy storage systems
  • Design and material required for body
  • Safety components of vehicle
  • Relevant technological areas like acoustic emissions, energy efficiency, mechatronics, structural fatigue, light weight material, and durability.

Flexible Course Duration:

2400 HOURS

Each module will have specific duration as per the curriculum. Classes will be conducted on every Friday.

Who Can Apply?

If you are already working in the field as a trainee, apprentice or professional, you can enhance the skills and become an engineer within 6 months.


Our trainers are leading consultants who are working with giant corporations in the market having minimum a master degree from top universities in the relevant course. More than 20 instructors are conducting practical applications, preparing instruction plans, and evaluating student’s performance. More than 50 experts are conducting theory classes for providing career pathways in automobile engineering.

Internationally Recognized Certification

Our certification is recognized by the Government of Dubai, UAE. It is one of the most respected certification across the globe and is also accepted by the labor ministries and the education ministries of almost every nation including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Singapore. Certificate holders can apply for higher education in renowned international colleges because ASTI program for the certification of Automobile Engineering has been recognized by Pearson Education, UK.